how to install VMware.


System requirement:

  1. All the processors expect Bonnell (intel), Saltwell (intel), Llano(AMD) and Bobcat (AMD).
  2. Any other processor minimum 1.3 GHz or faster than this.
  3. 2GB RAM minimum.
  4. Storage as required by the virtual machines.

Platforms support VMware:

  1. Windows,
  2. Mandriva Linux,
  3. SUSE Linux,
  4. Ubuntu,
  5. Redhat Enterprise Linux.


VMware is one of the most popular virtualization software for production and demo both environments. We are installing this here for demo purpose. We will install different operating systems on different machines in future.

Let’s start installing VMware step by step (for windows only):

  1. Download the installation file from the original source:
  2.  Right click on the installation file and find “Run as administrator”.
    vmware_installation - start_install.png
  3. On second step it will show the required program load.
    vmware_installation - start.png
  4. In this step the installation wizard will start. Click “Next” in the below shown image.
    vmware_installation - s2.png
  5. In this step check the bottom checkbox where you have to agree with the terms and conditions. Now click “Next”.
    vmware_installation - s3.png
  6. It is important to have an enhanced keyboard in virtual environment. So it will be better if we check the enhanced keyboard drive. This will install enhanced keyboard. Now click “Next”.
    vmware_installation - s4.png
  7. Checking for update and customer experience is not mandatory, if you want to have a direct update when the update release then you can check the product update and same goes to customer experience too. I preferred to check those two. Then click “Next”.
    vmware_installation - s5.png
  8. On this step you can choice where you need to have a shortcut. Choice that and click next.
    vmware_installation - s6.png
  9. On this step, you will get the install button. So click on install.vmware_installation - s8.png
  10. The install begins. You will see a progress bar on this step.
    vmware_installation - s9.png
  11. At the end of the above process we will see a page where we will get two options. License and finish. If we click on finish we will get 30 days trial software. But if we click on license then we will get a page where you have to put the license number and click finish.
    vmware_installation - s10.png
  12. On the last step you will be asked to restart the computer. It is recommended to restart after installing the software.  To click on “OK”.vmware_installation - s12.png
    After the installation we will get a interface where we will be able to create virtual machines. That interface usually looks like this at the beginning.
    vmware_installation - final.png
    On next blog posts I will try to explain how to create virtual machines and how tune the preferences as required.

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