YUM Client Configuration


Yum client configuration is a must work to do after an installation. At the same time configuring yum server is equally necessary for us.

But first let’s configure yum client. The file needs to be saved with the extension of .repo. let’s consider the name of the repository file technologydumps.repo

We have to create this file using the bellow command.

#vim technologydumps.repo

To configure yum client we need to know the URL of the packages containing location. We can contain packages in any file transfer protocol or over web service. So mostly it is transferred using http or ftp protocols.

Now let’s see how it looks like.

First we need to declare a profile name for the file. Let’s consider the profile name as “technologydumps-repo”.

Now let’s consider the baseurl which is the location of the packages are contained.


Now let’s start writing the repository file.


baseurl= http://technologydumps-repo.technologydumps.com/packages/OS/7/

now save and exit this.

After this we need to clean the yum cache and then we have to update the yum. To do so we need to run the following commands.

#yum clean all; yum update –y

that’s how we can configure our yum client for our server.

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