How to Install VirtualBox


Prerequisite for virtualbox:

  1. Motherboard with VT-x or AMD-V virtualization technologies.
  2. Minimum 2 GB RAM.
  3. Intel or AMD processor.
  4. Storage.

Platforms support vitualbox:

  1. Windows,
  2. Oracle Enterprise Linux,
  3. SUSE Linux,
  4. Ubuntu,
  5. Redhat Enterprise Linux,
  6. Solaris.

Virtualbox works on both 32bit and 64bit operating system. It is an easy to go kind of software, that is the basic reason to recommend this to the beginners. You can navigate the required preference in one place and changes are easy.

Let’s start with the installation process (for windows only):

  1. Down load the installation file from the official source:
  2. Once downloaded then double click on the file and the installation begins. You will get a box like shown in below. Click “Next”. You will proceed to the next stage.
  3. In this stage you will get the virtualbox application list. On this list select everything from the top option. So that all the applications installed.
  4. On this stage the installation process will ask for the shortcut positions. It will be safe to keep everything checked. If still don’t want the icon somewhere then read the options carefully and uncheck that. Now click “Next”.
  5. On this step a network warning will be shown, all we need to do is Click “Next”. The page will show like below:
  6. On this step you will get a button called install. Now we need to start installation by clicking on “install”. Then installation process will start. On this stage the page will look like below:
  7. On the half way of the installation process, a pop up box will be shown on the screen which will ask for a trust software issue from Oracle Corporation. Please check the box beside the always trust software from the Oracle Corporate and click on install. That box will look like:
  8. On the last step you will get a page where you just have to click on the Finish button.By using these simple 8 steps you can get ready to start your virtualbox. After clicking on finish button the software will automatically start. Then you will get a interface looks like below.
    On next blogs I will give more instructions to create virtual machines and how to find the settings and use that as you need.

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