Introduction to PHP programming


Before we start with PHP programming we need to know few things about PHP programming language. First of all it is a server side programming language. So it works with a server where we have to install a PHP compiler. Usually it works with HTML, using PHP compiler we can show the results in a structured form using HTML tags.

Next thing about PHP programming is that it is a cross platform language. All we need is a suitable compiler installed into the server. This server can be installed on all kind of operating systems. So it is flexible to use on any operating systems.

Another feature this programming language has is, it works with other languages like javascript, jquery and etc. which give a developer more options to use other scripts for making a better and efficient system.

Also this is a loosely typed language which means that we don’t have to declare the data type. We can have the luxury of declaring or defining a data under a variable. It is a big relief for a coder.

Another thing about PHP programming language is, it is a case sensitive language. So if we just change a letter from upper case to lower case then we can define a new kind of variable. We can say that we have two times of chances to declare the same single letter variable in this language.

This language is easy and simple. Compare to other high level languages it is twice much comfortable with the above features. Also we can find that it is quite simple to declare new functions and classes.

It’s compiler have some extensive error reporting system. So in case of errors we can find and compile that error within the compiler. Also it shows the warnings and syntax requirements which helps coders to complete the code without any issues.

This is a open source programming language, this is the best feature for me. Because if I want I can contribute to this language and I have all the rights to use it.

Above these features are the few basic features we have in PHP programming. But this is a way more flexible and rich language for any coder available for now.

Let’s know something about its application. It is a widely used online application, different CMS, data mining and so many more. As it does have facilities to use database so it is a quite complete language for any kind of application.

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