About Us

Every year thousands of people start their career on information technology and a lot of them are interested to follow their passion for a very long time within an organization. There are available forums and blogs to give those new comers a comfortable guidance. But from my own experience I found many of those are difficult at the beginning. This blog is about the beginners. A good beginning can help you get a proper base on this career. So in my opinion it is important to understand everything one by one from the scratch.

This blog is about system administration, Network administration, hardware reviews and different kind of programming. System administration will include open source and proprietary server and desktop systems. In hardware system we will provide different kind of reviews on computer accessories like motherboard, power supply, processor, related peripherals and so many others with a good combination of all the accessories, with performance. In case of android our viewers will be able to get a good review about android phones and tabs with the related accessories. Now a day, there are a lot of devices that can be used for corporate infrastructure and home infrastructure. We would try our best to give review about both of the infrastructures.

As we know there is no proper guidance for an infrastructure to run a service on any of the platform. I believe it is hard to tell the perfect one. Because lots of system administrators are interested to provide software base performance tuning. But it is also need to be considered that hardware is a big issue in case of performance tuning too. So in this blog we will try our best to bring up the scenarios that may help a system administrator to create a proper service with the best output.

Last but not least programming is required in every step in the career for the information technology individual. Programming is a really vast horizon for any individuals. So it is quite hard to explain all the working principles of a script, yet we will give tips and solutions if the viewer is interested to discuss their problems with us. Also our viewers will get a regular basis programming update on different programming languages. Each script will be given with explanations. So that beginners can get a good view of our blog.

Personal bio:

I am zaman, system administrator, currently working on postfix email server, windows Active Directory, Network Area Storage (NAS) and different surveillance systems, Used to work on web development in past. I am still in touch with web programming. Data collection and data entry was a fun for me. PHP, C, C++ is my usual languages. Currently I am learning python and ruby languages.  I love to browse different hardware technologies, Newbie in penetration testing and love to learn new technologies.