Simple Hello world program using PHP


As we all know this programming language is almost similar to C and C++. The only difference is C and C++ works on any platform and PHP is a server side scripting and works on only servers that can compile PHP on both windows and Linux base operating systems. A php compiler only can read a file with .php extension.  So we need to save all the script files with .php extension. If we go through the below links we can understand the difference between a traditional high level language and php language.

  1. Basics of PHP language
  2. Basics of C & C++

On this article we will show a hello world program with basic structure of PHP scripting.

A php script starts with a special set of characters which is “<?php”. This set of characters means that the scripting start from here and the scripting ends with “?>” set of characters. The complier reads the scripts in between these two character set. It looks like below.


All the scripting should be in here.


If we want to print hello world on our web browser then there are few pseudo codes we can use to show this.

  1. Echo
  2. Print
  3. Print_r

Echo usually just prints the character or characters in the double quotes. Also we can show the content of a variable using this pseudo code.  We can write this like below.

$a=”Hello world”;

echo $a.


echo “Hello world”;

If we need we can also use print. Print is same as echo. We just have to replace echo with print. It seems as below.

Print “Hellow world”;

Or print “$a”;

These are the simple way to print contents in PHP. There is also another pseudo code which works same.


Now the last one is a bit different than the previous two. The last one usually prints an array in a formatted manner.

Let’s see how the program seems as a whole.


$a=”Hello world”;

echo $a . “\n”;

echo “Hello world \n”;

print “Hello world\n”;

print “$a\n” ;


Suppose we want to use print_r function then we have to declare an array, then we can print an array using this function.

$b=(“me”,”you”,”him”, “her”);


The output will be.

[0] => me

[1] => you

[2] => him

[3] => her

These are the simple output generating pseudo codes.

In php program we have to understand the architecture of the program and how it works only then we can make a simple and easier program using this language.

On my next article I will try to describe about the different loops in this language.

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