Features of Python programming language


Python is one of the most popular programming languages in modern times. It becomes popular for its features. It has some very good features to make it popular among the programmers.

On this article we will know about the features about this programming language.

  1. Simple
  2. Easy
  3. Platform independent.
  4. Open source
  5. Interpreted
  6. Object oriented
  7. Embeddable
  8. portable
  9. High level language
  10. Large standard library & etc.

Let’s begin to discuss about these features a little.


The other languages are sometimes a bit complex to write. But this language is easy to write on any logical expressions. Unlike java, C & C++, python do not have such hard syntax. This is one of the reason this programming language become a lot popular among the other languages. This language is almost like natural language, so any coder can easily trace what they are looking for. Also a proper documentation can give very nice and smart solution for further development.


Here easy means, this language is easy to understand and read.  As this is almost like natural language so if you know a little bit of python programming and look at the code then it is quite possible that with little knowledge you can understand what that code means. This is why python is a easy language.

Platform independent:

Operating systems are not a matter for this programming language. If the platform allows installing python interpreter than we can run python script on any operating system. That’s why this programming language is called platform independent.

Open source:

Python is  a open source programming language. Anyone can help developing this platform as they require. Not only that if we need to develop a library then this programming language allows us to do so.  We can distribute the copies of software we created or even we can use the whole resource for our own reasons. Ultimately we have the freedom to do anything with this language.


Some other high level languages like c, C++, java usually uses compiler to compile the code first and then interpret the code. But in case of python it uses interpreter. So it converts the script into bytecode immediately. All we have to do is to run the program and get the output from it. This is another feature that makes it popular among the coder because during code we can get the warning or errors so that we can easily correct that mistake.

Object oriented:

Object orientation is a concept where we would like prepare a model which can be used in different kind of architecture. Like we want to build a house then we must need bricks. With that bricks we can also build any other infrastructure. Same as that, we need to build a object using which we can build different structural programs. Suppose we need to collect data on a very large scale or a small scale, then we are going to need a object which will read the data and will collect a particular data out of the data. But we need to know what are the kind of data we are going to collect. So we will give the object a model of data and will tell that object to collect that kind of data. This is how object orientation works.


This is a feature which allows us to work on a very large scale. How so! Simple we can use this script on other language or we can use other language scripts into this language. This helps us to integrate different kind of languages into one script and work together. So that, a large scale of work with particular properties can be bring together and works as one.


Portable means we can execute this on any platform or operating system without any change made in the script. The another beauty of this language is if we create the script on unix operating system and wants to execute it on windows or mac operating system then there is no need to change a bit of code. Simply run the code and it will work like it would work on unix.

High level language:

High level languages do not depend on the computer architecture and does not need to look after the memory management. Python does have the ability to work on its own. In case of this language there is no need to know the computer architecture or we don’t have to think about the memory management. This gives the developer to think about the better performance of the program.

Large standard library:

This language is open source and a object oriented language. So there are thousands of people who are developing its library out of passion or even for work. We can have thousands of contributors who contributed lots of library files for it. So we don’t have to work on every single object. We may find a lot of work is already done in the library we just have to integrate and call that object to do that work for us.

These are the basic features in my eyes. Still if anyone think I should contribute more or any questions feel free to suggest and ask.

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