how to make windows faster part 1


Thousands of people are using windows, everyone have a common complain and that is a windows operating system is slow after few days of use. Windows is a very complicated operating system with a lot of facilities. We need to know how we can make this operating system a bit faster when we feel that our windows operating system is slow.

In this article we will show you few basic tips to make windows faster.  Let’s start.

  1. Clean three basic folders that usually keep temporary files or images of recently accessed files. These folders usually make the windows heavy to operate. So it is a good practice to clean those files on a regular basis. To do so, we have to find out the run program. The simplest way to open run program is to press “Ctrl+r”. We will find a window where there is a place to write the program name and run that program or we can find few typical folders. To find temporary folder we have to write “%temp%” and after writing this we need to press enter. Now a new window will pop up that is our temporary folder. Select all the files and delete all files. Again write “recent” on the text box of run program. Again a new window will pop up with all the recently opened files. Select everything and delete. Same goes for prefetch folder.
  2. Power setting is another important issue in case of performance. Usually we can find two different power settings in windows. In some of the computers there are more than two power settings. the common power settings are power saver and balance. By default we find power setting is set to power saver. But this is wrong. This setting makes windows operating system slow. Because when we use these settings, it uses process power to calculate the required power for the rest of the devices to run and save the power consumption. If we set the power settings to balance then it have a linear statistics to run the computer with a balance situation. Using balance power settings we can make our windows a little bit faster. Also if there is any other power settings than we should choice according to the description. Because whatever power settings can give us the best performance we should use that.
  3. Other important processes that make our windows slow are animation, sliding and other simple graphical issues that make our windows a bit interesting. So if we want a better performance then we have to reduce the process power for graphical beauty. How to do it! Simply go to control panel and search for performance options. We will get a option on top name performance options and click on this and we will find a window where we will see that the first tab is named Visual effects. Now right after the tab section there will be four options. We need to choice the third which is “adjust for best performance.” Then click “OK” at the bottom of the window. Now restart windows operating system, it will perform faster than before.
  4. Another important tip for the windows user is to keep the windows hard disk clean and organized. A messy hard disk can make the system run slow. Also it can become harmful for the hard disk too. So it is required that clean the hard disk on a regular basis. At least once in a month. How to do it! Simply press window key and search for defragment. An option will come up which is named “defragment and optimize drives”. Now select the drive to organize and click on analysis. After the analysis, click on optimize. The work is done.

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