Most commonly used tags in body


a html page is consists of so many different elements, we are going to mention few most commonly used elements in here.  Let’s begin.

Div tag

Div is used to use for making divisions within the html pages. We can put different class or id names. This is one of the mostly used elements in html pages. It has a starting and closing tag. We usually write this as shown below.

<div class=”*” id=”*”>

The content is here….


P tag

P tag represents paragraph. As we know every website will must have some content  for that we must have to use the p tag in somewhere in the web page. It also has a starting and closing tag. We can put the style for the paragraph within the html or we can put the style in CSS file.  Also we can put class name or id name for this tag if very much necessary. The tag is used as shown below.


The content is here….


H tag

Head tag is used to create a headline for the article. Also this is a important issue for SEO. There are few different kinds of headline. All those are like h1, h2, h3, h4, h5. These all 5 types of heads are important for search engine optimization. It can be shown like this.

<h1> the title will be here</h1>

<h*> the title will be here</h*>

Br tag

This is a single tag which will be used for break. In a paragraph we require a break most of the time. That’s why we always need to use this in web pages. It does not have any starting or ending tag. It is a single tag to use. We write it like below.


Img tag

Img is the image tag. Whenever we need to add a image we have to use this tag. This tag has a verity of options to use. So we can manipulate an image in every way possible. This tag is also a single tag. This tag looks like below when we write it.

<image src=”” alt=”” >

Let’s talk about some common html5 tags which are very useful to design a webpage.

Header tag

The header tag defines the header of the webpage. This is a very useful documentation for a developer so then the developer can understand the section when required. this is a starting and ending tag system. So we have to mention both to make it useful. This looks like below when we write it.



Main tag

Main tag is the place where we will write the main content of the webpage. This is html5 tag and it not only helps to develop webpage it also helps to document the webpage. It also has a starting tag and an ending tag. It shows like below.



Footer tag

This is the footer section of a webpage. Using this section we usually define the footer of the webpage. This is also a starting tag and ending tag element. It shows like below when we write.



Section tag

A section usually defines a part of the webpage which is a section of the webpage. It is same as other html5 tags. We can write it like below.



Form tag

When we need to get some data or we have to run a survey then we have to use form tag. It is similar to other html tags and we have to use starting tag and ending tag. We have two methods in here post and get. For programming case we usually use post method to this tag. This looks like below usually.

<form  method=”post/get”>


UL tag

This is unordered list. Usually we need to use it at first then we can use the li tag to declare the ordered list. We can write as below.





In future articles we will discuss about more with practical example.

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