Introduction to JavaScript


I believe most of us here at least heard of this programming language at least once or twice in their academic life or from friends. I heard about it on a local bus first. I thought java and JavaScript is same thing. But later on I understood that these are nowhere near each other.  I would try my best to introduce this language to my audiences.

Let’s begin.

This programming language is used in web development mostly. We call it the interactive language for a web site. This is being called so, because using this language a website can ask for information and provide alerts if necessary. So that a user can understand what he needs to do for further use!

Well let’s talk about the requirements to work on this language. The fun fact is, there is no extra requirement to start working on this language. All we need a web browser and any text editor to write script of JavaScript. In case of windows we can get both the requirements on installation. We will get internet explorer and notepad when we install windows. In case of Linux or UNIX we will get either vi or nano as editor and we may have to install a browser for getting the output.

JavaScript works on both client side and server side. As this is a native language for websites, so the most use of it is on interactive websites. But other than that it have a very limited use or almost no use in server side.

The technical issues we need to know here is that it does not work exactly like high level language so we need to worry about the memory management, although it is quite rare that such a big JavaScript is implemented.

But there are still some advantages in JavaScript, like we don’t have to mention the data type in case of variable declaration. Just declare a variable using simple “var”. this var will define a character or a set of characters as variable and we can put any kind of data into that and use that data latter on purpose.

Node js is a very popular framework now a day. It has over 30 thousand packages now. And all of those are contributed by different contributors. Also node js is a server side framework and mostly used for web development purposes.

JavaScript is an important language for web developers and I would try my best to put necessary, nice and working scripts on my next articles.

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