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Bootstrap is a famous framework for the web developers now a day. Not very long ago web developers have to write CSS manually for the whole website or template. This particular framework helped thousands of web developers to minimize the work effort and put their mind into creating better and faster website or template. As this is open source, so it becomes quite popular in very short time. First it was released by two people who used to work in twitter. But eventually few other versions with improved features of bootstrap came in to the community and most of them have their own properties to become popular. Here we will talk about the basic uses of bootstrap and what are the basic features of this particular product.

Features of bootstrap:

  1. Easy to implement.
  2. Flexible to design and modify
  3. Cross browser facilities.
  4. Mobile fast view
  5. Compact package with necessary components
  6. CSS and JavaScript included.
  7. Custom CSS is allowed.

With very little knowledge it is quite possible to build an attractive looking website using this tool. Also it has a very resourceful documentation so that anybody who can read and understand English can easily implement this tool from the scratch.

This open source tool also provides the flexibility to design and modify the source codes. So if something is very much necessary to modify then feel free to do so. At the same time it is quite normal that a web developer may need to put some custom css file. This is also possible to add the CSS file besides the bootstrap file. But the custom style sheet needs to be written with cross browser codes, so that the outcome remains same for all the browsers.

Bootstrap itself designed with cross browser facilities. So the basic structure will always be same for every browser. So we can create the structure without any hesitation. But the things we need to keep in mind that the other style sheets should not conflict with the main css rules.

Using only few lines we can make our template device friendly and the performance is really fast. Here we need to add a JavaScript file for making it responsive for any size of monitor and mobile devices. Also we have to define the viewport in the header section of the html file. We can also test this by changing the browser size.

The last three features are actually explains one thing. The whole package can be downloaded in one file. Simply download the whole package and extract the file, every single necessary file can be found in that folder. Every necessary CSS and JavaScript file will be available in there, all we have to do is to collect the link of those files and link them in the html file. Also as I described before we can link the custom CSS file along with these files. We can download the bootstrap from here.

The important reason this tool become so much popular because it is open source and modifiable. Also the people who created these packages encourage the community to develop these files and put those updates along with their original files.

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