Introduction to Online Entrepreneurship part 2


Digital data collection and sale

Digital data reached to a point now for which we have to create a new database systems and new algorithms to collect and manage data for further use. There is a new technology which is named big data, which is being used for processing and collecting data to find sophisticated information for business exposure and development. But this can be used for business development even if we don’t have much funding. We can manage client information to classify clients and we can start a more targeted marketing with that. The most common information about a client can be email, name, age, location, hobby, gender, usual habits and many more. We can use these kinds of data for even more analysis and make a proper graph for business clients.

Any startup businessman would love to collect these kinds of information for targeted marketing at the beginning and make some clients out of it. So I think it can be a great kind of online business with short budget.

Email marketing

For last few daces we can observe that email marketing is working as a great as any other digital marketing strategies. But the issue now in case of email marketing we need to have more authorized email service providers. Let’s discuss what are the things we need to start a email marketing company.

The requirements are given below:

  1. Email sending server (SMTP)
  2. Classified email list
  3. Email marketing software
  4. Valid meaningful email address

So these above things are enough to start as an email marketer. But if we want to start with our own email server then we must need to have some basic email server related knowledge to maintain the server and serve the outgoing emails to the desired targeting email box. Another issue here is we are going to need a classified targeted client list with email and other criteria.  Once we have these then it is quite a good business for startups and if we have this we can develop our business and make it more dynamic with other services.

Digital book review writing

Reading is quite a hobby for billions of people mostly old and mid aged people spend their time by reading different kind of books. So a good book always pays off. Few days back people used to keep paper books with them to spend time. But things changed when technology introduced E-reader. This changed billions of dollars business which was established for hundreds of years. Why this changed! Because of different reasons this habit has changed. First reason we can carry more than hundred books in one single device. Second we can read it whenever we want. Third it is way lighter than a single book. Now to get pays off we need to find out a proper book and sale that to the right person who would like to read this book. A good book reviewer can easily get attraction from the clients. Also the fun fact is, if you can write a good review the same client will come back for suggestion of another good boo. This is how you can make your shop bigger day by day.

Website development

It’s been a long time this market is existing. yet everyday thousands of websites are being lunched and everyday this industry is getting bigger. So for any young entrepreneur it can be a very challenging and exciting career. This sector is still a very prominent and promising sector. All we need is some basic knowledge to begin. What are the requirements for starting in this sector! The list is  given below:

  1. A webserver
  2. Basic HTML,CSS and javascript knowledge
  3. Web developing programming languages knowledge
  4. Knowledge about CMS like wordpress, joomla etc.
  5. Designing tools like Photoshop.

Now let’s make it a little bit clear for the new comers.  We need a web server for both the developer and the client. So that the client can watch the updates and design of the website live and the developer can show the things online. Also a web developer must have to have a portfolio with a balanced amount of web templates, so that they can convince the client with those. Although we can develop a website offline in localhost, but having a online server can help us make an assumption about website performance and we can develop it for the best performance.

In my blog I tried to describe the steps to design website using HTML, CSS and bootstrap. Also javascript and php will be described so that my audiences can learn it from here.

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