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VMware is one the mostly spread virtualization software in present world. VMware workstation is software which is designed for enterprise use and end user use. This is very powerful, widely featured software where you can get almost every kind of necessary virtualization form for any kind of use. By using VMware we can get from desktop virtualization to cloud virtualization.

In this post we will talk about VMware workstation and how we can create a virtual machine using VMware workstation. We already talked about the hardware requirements for VMware on our previous post “how to install VMware”. Also we mentioned what are the guest operating systems it does support.

Now before we proceed to create a virtual machine no VMware we need to know what kind of operating system we are going to install and what the minimum requirement for that operating system are. For example, we are going to create a virtual machine for centos 7 here.  Centos 7 operating system has minimum memory requirement is 1GB but 2 GB is recommended, minimum storage requirement is 10GB and at least a single core processor. So we will design our first virtual machine according to the minimum requirements on this post.

Let’s begin the virtual machine creating process.

First of all click on the VMware installed software icon and open the software. This will look like as shown in below.
vmware_installation - final.png

Now click on the box named “Create a New Vritual machine” under the home tab. The creation process will start from here.

As you see above, there are two options for creating a virtual machine. Typical is recommended and custom is a advance level of virtual machine creation with sever extra features. But as a beginner, we will use typical for better understanding about the virtual machine. So we select typical and then click next.

Here we have to select the option “I will install the operating system later.”.  We can also select any of the above options but in that case we have to provide access to the Disk drive or we have to provide a ISO image file. But we will learn how to create a virtual machine first and then we will learn how to install the operating system on virtual box. So we will click on next.

On this step we will select Linux on guest operating system section; on the version section we will select Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 64-bit. As we already know from the beginning of this post that we will create this virtual machine for centos 7 64-bit operating system. As on VMware we don’t have a option for centos so we have to use RHEL 7 here. Red Hat and centos are the similar thing jus the difference is we can get license for Red Hat and there is not license for centos.  Now click next.

On this step we will put the virtual machine name. right below of that we can see another option for location. Here we can declare the location where I would like to create my new virtual machine. We can create the virtual machine on different location by clicking on browse and find the suitable location for creating the virtual machine. Now click next.

On this step we need to mention the size of the disk. Because the hard disk attached with this virtual machine will the size mentioned there. Below that we can see two of the options there. We can choice any of those but I prefer the first one. Also I selected the second one so that I can move this virtual machine from one location to another. Now click on next.


On this step you will check the required hardware and device configurations and then just click on finish. Now the virtual machine will be created and you will show on your main window.

You see that  on this page you will get the Name you provided on virtual machine name.

So this is how you can create a virtual machine on VMware.

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