Why we still need to use Email Marketing


Now a day we listen a simple thing about email marketing, that is email marketing is dead. But the truth is email marketing as a business is kind of dead because you cannot send emails as your could before. Around 10 years ago the email marketing as a business was a very lucrative business for almost every digital marketer. So what happened after that! Yes, different authorities put some rules to stop dragging people into some unwanted problem of reading unnecessary emails. So they start putting spam trap and whenever they get something in their spam trap they blacklisted that email or the IP. Eventually most of the email marketer becomes blacklisted. So around 4 years ago this email marketing business becomes dead to a lot of people.

But for any business other than email marketing it is still valuable as a digital marketing. But the only issue here is we cannot spam with or without intuition. If we do so then our IP or domain and our email address will be black listed and we will get bad reputation from here. So we have to keep a very careful eye on our email marketing campaign so that our email do not marked as a spam. Here we need only few requirements to start as a email marketer.  I tried to describe it shortly in my previous article which is “introduction to digital marketing”.

Now let’s talk about why we still need to use this service to grow our business.

Cost effective marketing:

This is one hell of a cost effective marketing. With a very low cost we can send our product bossier to millions of people. If we have the email addresses on our own the cost goes even lower. Also using this marketing strategy we can reach to the majority of customers in a very short time. The email delivery cost is really so cheap that you would be surprised.

Reach rate:

In some research it is found that almost 81% of mail reaches to the targeted customer and then the customer decides if he or she wants it or not. If we have a very much classified email list then the conversion rate is more than any other marketing. If we mail to 1 million a day and if we can reach 81 thousand then it is quite possible that 5% of 81 thousand will convert to a sale. This kind of clients usually becomes a regular basis client for a long time.

 Conversion rate:

The conversion rates in case of emails are more than social media marketing. How so! In social media we usually browse for something we want to get as a hobby, but email is way more serious in this case. So people are being serious about emails. When they get a proper and attractive offer then it is quite possible that the potential client will respond to the offer. This still keep this method alive.


Here customizable means we can give the same offer in different outlook. At least we will have that much of freedom here. We can change the format almost on daily basis. If we can design it properly, it is also possible that the email will not be spammed. So this is also important to design the email using proper rules and manners. But we need to show our creativity in this part of email marketing.

Finally email marketing is a matter of art to grow clients, if we can use this service with a proper combination of art and logic this will work at its best. There are a lot of things we need to know and discuss for a successful campaign. So I would love to put more information in next articles.

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