Basics of Social Media Marketing


This article is about the basic prerequisite before starting social media marketing. Social media marketing is a basic part of digital marketing now a day. We need to do this for several reasons. We may have to do it for making more traffic or even we may have to do this for making more sales. Either way we are going to need this for doing online businesses.  I would like to describe the issues with some details in below.

Social media related content:

Content is the primary issue on any social media. The content must have to have the at least minimum understandable things so that the audiences get the concept. If we cannot make the concept clear to the audiences then it is quite normal that we will not get the engagement from the people. So here are some issues we need to understand before writing content for social media.

  1. This content need to be short.
  2. Content need to be precise
  3. Should mention the product properly.
  4. Need to offer something to engage people.
  5. Should have some image if you want to make a visual impact.

The fact about this content is, that this content will only be used in social media. So, the content writer should have enough experience about how this content should be written and how this content should be presented to get people’s attention or people’s engagement.

Engaging with audiences:

In social media engaging with people is another important issue. If you do not reply their queries fast enough there is a big chance that the client may get away from you.  This is a competitive market and everyone is trying their best to enrich their client list. So, we should be very much careful about new clients and as well as our existing clients. Now a day almost every social media have auto reply options so if we can leave a in general auto reply for everyone then it can provide a simple solution to word this problem also we can pin the basic info at the top so that anyone can contact us the moment they find some information about us. But make sure the introduction have to engaging and should seem important.

Analyze the audience:

Another important issue to work on this sector is the ability to analyze the nature of the audience. It is quite possible that the audience would change their behavior with the new product or with the new characteristics of a product. So it is very much important to know who wants what and how kind of characteristics they want in the next version of the product. There are few standard parameters for analyzing the audience like location, age, gander, usual likes, personal preference, hobby etc.

We can choose a product on basis of any of those parameters or we can decide to do our marketing on basis of any of those parameters, because that way our marketing will be more targeting and specific. If you want to sale an male trimmer to a female it is quite possible that you will not get enough sale of your target. Also if you try to sale a air cooler to Iceland than be sure you will not get a sale. So this way we should classify our audience and we should do targeted marketing.

Set the goal:

Finally set the goal about this marketing result.  There are different kinds of result we can expect from this marketing strategy, we may want to get a good exposure, we may want to create a brand here or we may want to get some quick sale. So, we need to set our goal and then we need to make a strategy to bring the result on the table. Still there is a good chance we may not get the result on the fast attempt. So we have to be very patient and work on error and trial basis to make the marketing fruitful.

In my opinion, as the market on internet changes so fast so we need to be dynamic and of course we need to learn fast and adopt that method to make our career better in this field. I would describe about the fields on next articles.

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