Introduction to digital marketing


Digital marketing is the kind of marketing where only the digital media will be used.

Although most of the time this digital media is limited within internet related Medias. This marketing can be paid or free. Usually the people know about his kind of work so they do it by their own or in another word they use the free services. Paid marketing is reliable and easy to gain result because a big group of people with right skill set works for this kind of job.

There are different ways to do this work, but few familiar terms can describe it as a whole. So this is a huge working sector at the same time with proper skill set it is a target achieving field.

Let’s discuss about some important issues to know like why we should emphasis on digital marketing as a small or medium business owner!  What it can bring on the table for small and medium business owners! How it can help us branding our product.

So why we should go this digital marketing!

  1. Increasing potential customer
  2. Increasing user after digital media
  3. Dynamic business models
  4. Targeting audience for marketing
  5. Marketing performance tracking.

What we can get from digital marketing

  1. Vast outreach
  2. People’s engagement
  3. Competitor’s analysis.
  4. Easy to execute
  5. Branding
  6. An efficient client list.

Digital marketing is a place where the market is very fast and vast. Everyday millions of devices are being included into this infrastructure. So we can say that the market is increasing exponentially, as well as the customers. The more people we can reach through our marketing the more we can make sale for our products. This is the basic way of thinking in digital marketing. Using this simple procedure we can gather more information about new potential customers. We also can gather more information about new potential clients. Also there is another way to collect data about future clients.

Digital marketing is the only way to engage thousands of people at once. All we need is to explain the facilities and other services properly to the clients. One simple image or a short content can help us make thousands of sales and thousands of potential clients. In traditional marketing it is quite hard.

In digital marketing the competitors are always working online. With right skills and proper experiences it is quite possible to guess the strategy of a competitor. So we can design and execute different business model by analyzing the strategy of competitors. The fun fact about online is, everything is visible here. We can find out the product price, if there is any discount is going on. How they are planning to sale and resale the things.

Let’s talk about some other scopes of digital marketing. Suppose we need a client list of 2 billion in a short time. If we take paid service from any of the big marketing provider than we can easily collect that. But for doing so we need to have something where we can store the data and reuse that data on requirements. In last dace the internet user become more than double and it will increase dramatically, people will start buying almost everything from online, even there is a big chance that people will buy groceries from online too. So there is a vast ocean out there for digital marketers. All we have to do is to set a proper plan for the proper conversion.

Well, I tried my best to bring up the benefits and different strategies to make digital marketing successfully. Now the last thing I am going to tell you the major methods currently used in market for free digital marketing are given below:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Social media marketing (SMM)
  3. Content marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Link building
  6. Website optimization.
  7. Website ranking.

On my future articles I would try my best to discuss about these things and will try my best to provide more information about these methods.

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